Possible future features:
    • Add an email share button to share  “I signed this petition”.
    • Include AJAX check to see if email address has been used before when it is entered i.e. before submission (under consideration)
    • One click to send multiple petitions   declined – open to abuse

Version 1.3.5

There has been an issue that took a while to track down where petitions wouldn’t display despite there being a shortcode on the page. Thanks to  Tobias author of another plugin.  Working with Steve from Florida he noticed a non breaking space being inserted in the example short code in the list of plugins. Instead of  [emailpetition id="2"], what people were copying and pasting was [emailpetition id=”2″] which is a special space that looks like a normal space but acts differently in a wordpress plugin. Knowing the problem, it was a really simple fix that was worth pushing as an update on its own.

When support kicks in

In case you aren’t aware of the history of SpeakOut!, it came from a plugin named SpeakUp by Kreg Wallace.  It was a good plugin but Kreg seems to have abandoned it and he can’t be found. The plugin needed some touching up after no updates in 4 years so I took it on, renaming it to SpeakOut! to keep them separate while acknowledging the origins. That was in 2015 some time.  Every once in a while I tinkered with the plugin to make changes I wanted and all was quiet.  I never pushed an update. Then one day in April 2017 I discovered that there is a support forum and life changed for me and the plugin.  There were dozens and dozens of support requests and bug reports that I had no idea existed.  I tried to go back through them but it was too hard if they were more than 6 months old.  But I did manage to solve some issues and now am looking after the plugin actively. Here is what happens to downloads when you finally release updates 😛 speakout

Version 1.3.1

  • Added option to BCC self
  • Changed admin option from “Allow custom messages” to “Allow message to be edited” for clarity
  • If admin option “Allow message to be edited” is checked, on the petition top section the text will change from “READ THE PETITION” to “READ OR EDIT THE PETITION”
  • A few typo fixes as I dig deeper into the code