SpeakOut! Pro Changelog

For the changelog of the free version of SpeakOut!, in your site go to dashboard > plugins > speakout > view details

Note that the most recent version may not have been released yet.

== 104.5.2 ==

  • bug fix: stray letter “m” in install file prevented creation of petitions table on fresh install, but didn’t affect upgrades from free version or updates for existing Pro users – thanks Carlos

== 104.5.1 ==

  • bug fix: custom checkboxes were returning checked even if they weren’t – thanks Myriam
  • bug fix: removed a redundant function that caused a fatal error in certain circumstances
  • improvement: continuing to update code for consistency in similar circumstances
  • improvement: updated some code to prevent deprecated notices in PHP 8.1

== 104.5.0 ==

  • bug fix: missing </div> in grid signature list – thanks Ben
  • bug fix: options object not created to make one webhook work – thanks Ben
  • bug fix: if message not being displayed, parsedown caused critical error – thanks Ben
  • bug fix: database creation error on fresh install in some circumstances
  • bug fix: displaying petition message sometimes lost formatting – though it was fine when sent – thanks Sebastian & Andreas
  • bug fix: custom field 6 location wasn’t being saved
  • bug fix: in admin signature list, “anonymous” icon was showing HTML instead of being superscript
  • improvement: added some additional comments to help me debug sites
  • improvement: added several web hooks – see https://speakout.123host.net.au/webhooks. Thanks for the idea Ben & Nick
  • improvement: new shortcode [signaturestotal] to display total of all signatures in all petitions with optional hideunconfirmed=”true” to not include unconfirmed in count. Thanks Pieter
  • improvement: added email share icon to petition. Thanks to whoever suggested it
  • improvement: displaying emails in the public signature list is now optional – with a warning that it might not be a wise idea
  • improvement: eliminated php warning “ob_end_flush(): failed to send buffer of zlib output compression”

== 104.4.1 ==

  • bug fix: database creation error for new installs
  • bug fix: if message was editable, formatting was lost when sent to target – thanks Linda
  • bug fix: if the petitionmessage shortcode was used, any Markdown in the message wasn’t being interpreted – thanks Michael.
  • bug fix: if wp_debug is enabled in wp_config.php (it shouldn’t be enabled on a production site), then there might be some warnings displayed on the plugins page – thanks Dimitrios
  • bug fix: if email confirmation was enabled, the numbering in the public signature list reflected the total number of signatures, not just the confirmed signatures – thanks Rene & Martin
  • bug fix: on one layout of the public signature list, the word anonymous wasn’t translated – thanks Myriam-Zaa
  • bug fix: increased size of honorifics field in database – thanks Glen C.
  • improvement: new installs will now use the utf8mb4_general_ci character set for database text fields, instead of just utf8
  • improvement: database creation now makes fields NULL instead of NOT NULL to allow for not collecting some data
  • improvement: eliminated php warning “ob_end_flush(): failed to send buffer of zlib output compression”
  • improvement: added clarification when “Do not send email (only collect signatures)” is checked

== 104.4.0 ==

  • bug fix: Confirmation emails weren’t being sent if Email From field wasn’t set up properly, which was impossible. Thanks Thomas and Rene

== 104.3.1 ==

  • bug fix: truncation of custom fields 2, 3 & 4 not working

== 104.3.0 ==

  • bug fix: when switching to list version of public signature list, the admin page didn’t disable some fields
  • bug fix: labels for custom fields weren’t saving properly
  • bug fix: complete rebuild of public signature list as a grid instead of a table to solve long text in custom fields overflowing badly
  • improvement: option to truncate custom text fields when they are displayed in the public signature list. The full text will be shown when mousing over the truncated item.
  • improvement: language updates
  • improvement: added link on license page to output options to send for support

== 104.2.2 ==

  • bug fix: recaptcha and hcaptcha options weren’t saving – thanks Heiko

== 104.2.1 ==

  • bug fix: redirect after signing not working – thanks Debbie P

== 104.2.0 ==

  • improvement: added link to SpeakOut! website in plugins menu
  • improvement: shortcode output of count, goal and message now wrapped in spans – thanks Jay & Andrew from LoneWolf.media
  • bug fix: some required fields were not showing red border – thanks Debbie P

== 104.1.9 ==

  • improvement: in plugins page, there is now a “changelog” link instead of “view details”.
  • bug fix: somehow the honorifics.txt file was deleted from 104.1.2 – thanks Andrew S & @jaytranberg

== 104.1.8 ==

  • bug fix: “city” placeholder was incorrect, displaying “postal code” – thanks @giverphy

== 104.1.7 ==

  • bug fix: apostrophes in some fields would have a \ added on save

== 104.1.6 ==

  • bug fix: missing character would cause error in certain circumstances – thanks Heiko
  • improvement: removed %%Your Signature%% from the petition message displayed on your site. It was causing confusion. Thanks Razvan

== 104.1.5 ==

  • bug fix: reconfirming selected signatures wasn’t working
  • bug fix: formatting of petition message was lost dure to over-sanitizing

== 104.1.4 ==

  • bug fix: database fields for mailerlite weren’t long enough – thanks Michiel

== 104.1.3 ==

  • bug fix: “<br>” was displaying in petition sent to target
  • bug fix: 3rd party mailer functions may have been missing
  • improvement: removed upgrade pages, redundant in the Pro version
  • improvement: added country field to pass to Mailchimp
  • improvement: removed “import from speakup” function – it’s been 10 years 😛

== 104.1.2 ==

  • improvement: tweaked input sanitization for better security
  • improvement: tweaked “view details” link on plugin page to display current readme.txt
  • bug fix: eliminated PHP warnings on email confirmation page

== 104.1.1 ==

  • bug fix: using incorrect function to sanitize input caused fatal error
  • Updated German translation – thanks Heiko

== ==

  • bug fix: missing space between 2 words – thanks Alessandro
  • bug fix: notification after petition creation was displaying html

== ==

  • Pro users: Note the version jump. This is to distinguish the Pro version from the free version. Plugins are not allowed to be edited by themselves, which was the method I was using to add features. Also, a free version is not allowed to have disabled features existing in the code. So I have created a free version that now complies and a Pro version that is fully featured. But I need to make sure that when you have the Pro version it doesn’t upgrade to the free version, so I have added ‘100’ to the version number. I doubt the free version will ever catch up.
  • Policy compliance: Version 3 of SpeakOut! included a method of upgrading that turned out to be a WordPress plugin policy breach (4 months later!). Their security scan also identified some code that needed improvement – this is a good thing. This version of SpeakOut! remedies all these issues and introduces a more cumbersome (for users), but compliant method of upgrading.
  • bug fix: Various fixes for bugs found while create V4