Install SpeakOut! Pro Update

Since version 4 in the free version, there has been a paid Pro version with many additional features. WordPress doesn’t allow the free version of a plugin to include disabled features that must be paid for. The solution is a completely different version of the plugin.

To download the Pro version go to where you can download, a zip file of the latest version.

At this point it is a good idea to do a backup of your wordpress site.

DO NOT UNINSTALL THE FREE VERSION unless you don’t have any petitions or signatures or they will all be lost.

Using cpanel, FTP, wget or any method, upload to /wp-content/plugins/speakout.

Once you have done that, unzip the file. This will overwrite the current installed version with the Pro version. Your existing petitions and signatures won’t be affected at all as this process doesn’t touch the database. But you did make a backup, right?

The Pro version won’t work without a license key. If you have already upgraded, it should be activated automatically, otherwise click the SpeakOut! menu item in the dashboard and enter your license key.

Once you have done this you will see notifications of updates as usual.