Why can’t ‘no email address’ be reversed?

From version 2.6.0 there is an option to not collect email addresses. This was a feature request and is a good idea but has some implications;

  • Since the database requires a unique email address for a regular petition, once you start collecting data with no email address, you can’t reverse that. Otherwise the database would be full of empty email addresses which are (obviously) not unique
  • To give legitimacy, petitions sent to a target come from the signer@their-email-address. If we don’t have their email address then sending to a target is not allowed.
  • No email address = no optin to a mailing list

One of the principles of the SpeakOut! plugin is to ensure that petitions have high integrity so that the target (e.g. your mayor) can’t dismiss a petition as being flawed simply because it came via the SpeakOut! plugin.