The SpeakOut! WordPress petition plugin includes the following features (and more) – the free version should be enough to create a single working petition.

free = included with free version :: free* = included but limited :: free = available with Pro version

  • Multiple petitions on one page (free* :: Pro)
  • Widget available (free :: Pro)
  • Easily added via shortcode (free :: Pro)
  • Set a goal for signatures. (free* :: Pro)
  • Single or multiple (comma separated) recipients of petition (free :: Pro)
  • Privacy – show only 1st character of surname (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Sender addresses are retained for follow up (free :: Pro)
  • Confirm email addresses (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Collect addresses or not (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Extendable via webhooks
  • Export data to CSV (free* :: Pro)
  • Send emails or just collect signatures (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Verify signer’s email (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Message can be formatted using markdown syntax (free :: Pro)
  • Message sent with petition can be hidden from petition so that you can add your own text on the page outside the petition instead. (free :: Pro)
  • BCC petition to signer (admin option and signer selectable) (free :: Pro)
  • Signers can choose to be publicly anonymous (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • shortcodes [signaturecount] and [signaturegoal] plus other shortcodes for additional flexibility promoting petition (free :: Pro)
  • Multiple translations (free :: Pro)
  • Import petitions and signatures from speakup, the original plugin that was abandoned. (free :: Pro)

  • Message sent with the petition can be edited by the sender (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • Can be displayed in a page or as a widget (free :: Pro)
  • Message to target can be edited by the user (free :: Pro)
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Mailerlite and Active Campaign (free :: Pro)
  • Support for andedot.com fund raising form (free :: Pro)
  • SpeakOut! can automatically increase your goal when you hit a nominated % (free :: Pro)
  • Enable hCaptcha or Google recaptcha to prevent bots (free :: Pro)
  • Display signers as table or as single line list (admin option) (free :: Pro)
  • After successfully signed, optionally redirect to another URL (free :: Pro)
  • Seven custom fields including 1 drop-down and 2 checkboxes (free :: Pro)
  • Use plugin CSS or own CSS (free :: Pro)

There are plenty more features and options and suggestions are welcome.