Possible future features:

    • Add an email share button to share  “I signed this petition”.
    • Redirect to a specific page after submit
    • Optional display custom message with signatures implemented in 1.4.3
    • Optional redirect people to another page once they have signed
    • BCC petition to self implemented 1.3.1
    • Option that address fields be required
    • Display signatures as a comma delimited string rather than line by line implemented in 1.4.2
    • Move widget thank you notification to bottom of widget
    • Include AJAX check to see if email address has been used before when it is entered i.e. before submission (under consideration)
    • One click to send multiple petitions   declined – open to abuse
    • Additional custom fields (under consideration)

As an example we would like to have someone sign our petition, but then tell us 2 more fields (their age), and maybe a group of checkboxes of the sports they play since we are using the “petition” more of a “sign a pledge” functionality. Would be excellent to be able to get these 2 bits of meta data to help in our reporting.