SpeakOut! petition demo

Standard petition [emailpetition id="1"]

You can also have a list of petitions that go to a single page but load a different petition on that page – try this: https://speakout.123host.net.au/speakout-demo/?petition=8.  You can jump back to the original petition via this link https://speakout.123host.net.au/speakout-demo/?petition=1

The width can be changed in the shortcode [emailpetition id="1" width="100%"] and a petition can be centred like this [emailpetition id="1" class="aligncenter"] – see all the options on the advanced settings page

Want to promote your petition on another page?  You can use shortcodes. For example Please sign our petition, our target is [signaturegoal id="1"], we have [signaturecount id="1"] so far. becomes

Please sign our petition, our target is 350, we have 243 so far.

You can display a list of signatures – names may repeat, but the email addresses are unique [signaturelist id="1"]  There are options to display as a table (below) or as a list e.g. Robert A., Judy B.,  and the full surname can be displayed if preferred.

6 thoughts on “SpeakOut! petition demo”

  1. is there are way to customize the petition, allowing the signer to click checkboxes for specific commitments?

    1. Jason, if you mean a petition has something options e.g. “Here is a list of my demands; I want tomatoes banned” and/or “I want the world to be vegetarian” and/or “I want a new president (US only)“, and you can check one or more, no that isn’t possible.

      Think of SpeakOut! as an online version of a paper petition you might sign, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those with multiple choice.

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